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Shared Stories

Guilford Woman Magazine, a monthly publication, invited me to write occasional columns for their magazine on a variety of counseling topics. 

To read recent columns, find a title that interests you, move your computer mouse over the red "read article" box till it turns gray and then click to open the PDF version of the article.

A Rock and a Hard Place 
Borrowing Trouble
Dogs Bark
Domestic Violence
Drug Abuse
​Getting Worse Before
It Gets Better
​Happiness is
Hectic Holidays
Hidden Loss

Finding the Lighthouse


Parenting for Resilience


I Think I Still Love Him
But It's Gotten So Boring
Is This the One?
Living with a
Traumatic Brain Injury
Monkey Business
Oranges from an Apple Tree
Other Losses
Pick One Thing
Pursuit of Happiness
Put the Badge Down
Baby Steps
Cage Match

Religion, Sex and Politics


Rules of Engagement  


Sandwich Column


Should I Stay or Should I Go?


Sitting on the Fence


Stuck in a Moment


What are You About?


Why Does She Stay?

Starting at No


The Limits of Imagination


Tis the Season


When to Stand Up

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